Anima Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reservé Aged Regional Wine of Messinia Dry Red

At Western Messinia, where vineyards flourish on slopes opposite the Ionian Sea, the most charismatic red grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon prospers, giving magnificent results due to the unique climate of the region. Selected carefully from the finest vineyards of the most fertile land, it has been aged for 24 months in brand new French oak barrels and has remained inside our wine cellars sealed in the bottle for an additional three years period. Experience this exceptional wine at its peak of flavor and aromas, discover its magical secrets and let your senses guide you! Let it breathe and enjoy it at room temperature. Limited number of bottles is available!

Anima Cabernet Sauvignon Aged Regional Wine of Messinia Dry Red

The legendary French grape variety found in the fertile land of Messinia – a region in the southern Peloponnese - the ideal conditions to liberate the aromas of its soul! The red vinification process is carried out with great care and the wine is aged in new French oak barrels for 2 years. Fairly deep ruby colour, with gentle tannins and a bouquet rich with aromas of spices, mature red fruits, vanilla, Cabernet Sauvignon leaves an intense and aromatic long lasting taste! It can be aged more and accompanies best red meat, game and strong red sauces, at 16-18°C.

Anima Merlot Regional Wine of Messinia Dry Red

The well-known French grape variety, found the land conditions of Messinia ideal, to liberate its unique characteristics. An exceptional wine with deep ruby colour and a bouquet filled with aromas of red fruits and flowers. Well balanced with friendly tannins and a fruity long lasting finish. It can be aged and accompanies well red meat, delicatessen and hard cheese, at 18°C.

Anima Chardonnay Barrel Regional Wine of Messinia Dry White

The renowned Chardonnay cultivated on the fertile semi-mountainous land of Pylia in Messinia near Ionian Sea – a region where vineyards have been cultivated ever since ancient times - generously liberates the unique aromas and taste of the variety. This exceptional wine is stored in brand new oak barrels so as to ensure its noble character and long lasting fruitful finish, maintaining at the same time its freshness. Served chilled at 12°C and accompanies well sea food and fish.