Messinia, land with ideal conditions, blessed by the gods. With a mild, almost semi-tropical climate and the most fertile land in all the Peloponnese. Land that one could think is destined only to produce the finest quality goods. Between mountain and sea, under the touch of the most fertile breeze, Messinian land generously offers its vineyards the most productive ground.

The relationship between wine and Messinia is lost within the depth of the centuries. “…full of vineyards” Homer said, referring to the land of Pylia. Whereas according to Pausanias, it was here in Messinia, that Dionysus and the women who followed him exclaimed “evi” (cheers) after having tasted the wine of the land…. And thus named the mountain found in the centre of the region, ‘Eva’.

Today local varieties prosper in Messinia as well as the most superb grape varieties of the world. These varieties which have enriched the Messinian vineyards for the past 30 years, have found here, the most hospitable and the most ideal conditions to mature and at the same time bear seeds that even the Gods would envy.